Daniel Benyamin

- Solitarity -

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This edition is limited to 500 handmade, unique copies on vinyl/CD. 


Like many of you, the current crisis hit me bad. I had to cancel 25 shows in one month. 
Future shows are unsure. That means my income was cancelled from one day to another. 
Other artist friends around me are going through the same thing. 
What was left after the shock was an incredible amount of time. 
Immediately I started recording the album I was going to work on in summer and while banging the drums I came up with an idea. 
I called some of these friends saying: How about trying to find 500 people who buy a real album, only released on Vinyl and CD, not on streaming platforms or as download. Can you help me make this album sound good, look good, make it something really unique for eyes, ears and souls?
Let' s make it a beautiful piece of solidarity with each other, share the income equally and hope to make it through some dark months financially and creatively. 
So David Morgenstern - a painter from Dresden, Johanna Amelie - a musician from Berlin, Leipzig-based package artist and drummer Zar Monta Cola, Berlin based musician  Vora  and me are working non-stop to deliver a unique piece of emotions for a unique time. 

Daniel Benyamin

Playing 2000 concerts in 30 countries with his bands Sea + Air, Jumbo Jet, as drummer of San Francisco's Post-Punk legend Toiling Midgets, bassist in The Strokes producer Gordon Raphael's band or touring with a flock of well-known artists such as Jose Gonzales or Sufjan Stevens made Daniel Benyamin who he is:
A rebelling composer who never thinks himself safe but takes the regular risk of ruining everything he achieved so far by adventurous experiments.
Even though seeing himself as classical composer who can' t read music and won't respect instruments, he is never far from catchy pop songs.
The sound he himself calls „ghost pop“ plays with extremes: noise that makes you hear a pin drop, melancholic melodies that leave you dancing. Like in everyday life, every single human emotion woven into his music creates a friction and dynamic that wipes out all musical borders.

Stand by me Lesvos

5 € of each sold album and 15 € of each Package 2 will go straight to Stand By Me Lesvos, an initiative supporting refugees living in camp Moria on the Greek island of Lesvos. The virus apparently hasn' t arrived on the camp yet and the initiative helps the fight of the refugees to be prepared for the day the virus strikes. My friend Thomas is there at the moment and reports that Moria is in worse condition that any refugee camp he ever visited in 30 years of working in Syria. The residents are already weak and ill from lack of food and their journey. If they don' t get some sort of hygiene standards up and running it's gonna end up really bad. So the money we collect makes sure they get more sources of fresh, clean water and are able to make their own face masks.
Please check their website standbymelesvos.gr for further information and donate separately too.